Targeted Call Plastic Pollution

Call your Senator: Demand a mandatory ban on killer plastics


The waste and recycling laws have been delayed until the November session of Parliament. Thanks to everyone who made a call! If you are yet to make your call, be sure to mention the laws will be coming to the Senate in November.

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The Australian Senate is considering new laws on waste and recycling. But these laws won’t stop plastic from killing wildlife.

The Morrison Government has proposed a new set of laws called the Recycling and Waste Reduction Bill 2020. The laws will replace existing laws governing waste from products like plastic, and ban the export of plastic waste.

The laws don’t get rid of plastic packaging, and they rely too much on voluntary targets that don’t work.

We need your help to convince Senators to change these laws and stop plastic pollution.

Will you make a call?

Use our handy tool to look up your Senators and ask them to change the laws – and ban plastic straws, cutlery and takeaway plastic packaging once and for all.