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30% of oceans in fully protected areas by 2030

Our oceans – vital for all life on the planet – are facing a biodiversity crisis and climate emergency. They need time out from human threats to recover, replenish, and build resilience.

Big problems need big solutions.

Scientists tell us that to protect and restore marine life we need to set aside at least 30% of our oceans in large-scale, interconnected networks of highly or fully marine protected areas (MPAs) by 2030¹ ².

MPAs, often known as marine parks in Australia, are areas of the ocean where human activities are carefully managed, in order to protect and maintain marine biodiversity as well as support the livelihoods, cultures and communities that rely on healthy oceans. Those areas that are fully protected from extractive activities like fishing and mining are also known as marine sanctuaries, marine national parks, or green zones

Right now, just 3% of global oceans are protected in sanctuaries.

Australia must take leadership on ocean protection by championing ambitious goals for ocean protection internationally.

We have the opportunity at upcoming international meetings to champion the 30 by 30 commitment. Let our political leaders know you want our oceans protected by sending them a message.

Write to our political leaders and tell them you want Australia to step up and champion the international vision for 30 by 30.

Together we can make sure our oceans support thriving marine life and provide us food, livelihoods, and great joy, well into the future.


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