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We need your help to ensure Australia's coasts and oceans remain healthy and free for tomorrow's generations.

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Who are We?

Over 57 years ago the Australian Marine Conservation Society was formed by a community of scientists and ocean conservationists, who came together to take action to protect our marine life.

Together we advocate for real, evidence based solutions based on the best available science. We work closely with research centres across the globe, and employ conservation experts to drive our work safeguarding the future of Australia's amazing oceans.

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Australians have a deep bond with our oceans. As inhabitants of the largest island on earth, it is our great privilege to grow up surrounded by an amazing diversity of life and colour.

It is this great love, and pride for our oceans, that drives us every day. If you want a future for our threatened Australian Sea Lions, our vulnerable turtles, or our awe-inspiring ocean giants, join your passion with ours and help us save our oceans today.

Become a Sea Guardian

Our oceans are in peril. Climate change is heating our oceans, and killing the coral homes of fish and turtles. Industrial scale fishing threatens the future of our fish stocks, and is killing our threatened and endangered animals - including dolphins, turtles and sharks. And every day, toxic plastic pollution flows into our oceans, choking our marine life.

We cannot stand by while our oceans suffer. Together, we are a community of caring ocean lovers who take action to speak up for the voiceless and fight for their future.

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