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World Oceans Day 2024

April 2, 2024

It’s World Oceans Day!

Oceans Day was first declared on the 8th June 1992, and it was designated by the United Nations as “World Oceans Day” in 2008 – a day to raise global awareness of our oceans.

World Oceans Day 8th June, Australian Marine Conservation Society

For World Oceans Day, on 6th of June 2024, we are celebrating our life-giving oceans by holding a Giving Day.

For one day only, your donation will unlock a matched amount – doubling your impact to protect our oceans. Every dollar raised will be matched. For every $1 given, AMCS will receive $2. 

$50 becomes $100
$100 becomes $200
$250 becomes $500
$500 becomes $1,000


Our oceans are critical to life on earth. To protect our planet, we must ensure our oceans are healthy.

Our oceans depend on us, just as much as our future depends on our oceans. Your gift on World Oceans Day, 8 June 2023 will make it possible for AMCS to urgently campaign to safeguard our oceans and protect our marine life!

In Australia and around the globe, our oceans are in deep trouble. Loss of habitat, plastic pollution, overfishing, unsustainable development and the very real and immediate impacts of climate change are devastating marine ecosystems, species, communities and economies across our blue planet.

Our oceans face more threats today than at any time in the past.

The health of Australia’s oceans lies in our hands, in our actions and in our decisions.

Celebrate this World Oceans Day with a donation to protect our magnificent marine life.

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By donating to our World Oceans Giving Day, you will not only double your impact, but you will join our ocean loving community combining hundreds of donations to achieve the greatest impact possible. Please celebrate World Oceans Day by joining thousands of other supporters in coming together for our oceans.

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