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World Oceans Day 2021 - Thank you!

by Darren Kindleysides June 10, 2021

On behalf of everyone here at AMCS, and especially from our oceans and incredible marine wildlife, THANK YOU!

Our World Oceans Day 2021 giving event exceeded all of our expectations – you, our inspiring, true-blue supporters, have blown us away with your donations and heartfelt words of encouragement! 

More than 2000 of you wonderful, generous people gave to our oceans and your donations were doubled by our incredible matching donors. As a result, we eclipsed our initial target by over 60% to raise over $500,000!

We wish to thank every single one of our fabulous donors, from individual supporters such as Juliet and Amber (aged 7 and 5) who gave their pocket money, to foundations and fundraising teams (a list of our magnificent matchers is below). 

There has never been a more critical time to stand up for our big, blue backyard and the wildlife that calls it home. Over the next decade, we must fight harder than ever against pollution and overfishing, to protect remaining habitats and bring about urgent climate action. Each generous gift we received on World Oceans Day will build our campaigns and grow our impact for our oceans, marine wildlife and our communities which love and rely on them.  

Your faith in and support for our work is inspirational, and I send my deep thanks to everyone who contributed on World Oceans Day 2021. As ever, we will keep you updated on our critical work so that you can see your donation in action to protect our oceans.

Darren Kindleysides



Thank you to the following World Oceans Day Giving Event Matchers:
Emma Hubbard – 2 Monkeys Foundation
Mary Maher
Ingrid Neilson & Michael Barnes
Loretta Raneri – Goodwill Wines
Sarah and Robert – Sarah & Sebastian
Matthew Yau – Powderworkers
Mark Fraenkel – Blue Dive, Port Douglas
David and Elizabeth Teather
Carbon Creative – Wayne Denning ( – Jessica – nominating employee) Carbon Creative
Michell Waldron – The Horse
David and Lisa Leckenby
Michelle Rawson – Rawson Care Foundation
Anne Jaumees
Dr Kim Kendall
Dyson Marine Fund
The Letcombe Foundation
Andy Fenech, Pure Coastal
Waterways Dental
Donna Burton
Rebecca Purcell, Bruce McMullin Foundation
Anna Lewin
Lets Go Surfing
Charles Warman Foundation
Interactive Tax Consultants
JMS Foundation