Voice of the Sea

Welcome to the Voice of the Sea Classroom!

We are producing a treasure trove of curriculum-led educational resources designed to make learning about marine conservation an exciting and enriching adventure for young minds.



The anthem for our oceans!

The Voice of the Sea initiative began when iconic Australian musician and conservationist, John Williamson wrote and performed the song for AMCS to highlight the plight of our oceans and marine life. Thousands of school children have sung Voice of the Sea in school halls all over Australia, the beautiful animated lyric video has even won an ARIA Award and in February 2024 the Voice of the Sea book is being published by Puffin Books (Penguin Random House).

Voice of the Sea is much more than a song; it is inspiring the next generation of marine conservationists.

Voice of the Sea Classroom

We are creating an education program to inspire a deep appreciation for the wonders of our oceans and to instill a sense of responsibility for its protection. The classroom resources have been developed to perfectly fit the National Curriculum for primary school students and can be downloaded absolutely free of charge. The packs include everything educators need to teach young ocean explorers all about the wonders of marine life and why it is so important to preserve our oceans for future generations. 

The free education kits include:

  • Videos and eBooks
  • Sheet music for John Williamson’s Voice of the Sea
  • National curriculum links
  • Lesson plans 
  • Templates
  • Posters and more!


How you can get involved:

Join us on a journey where colourful coral reefs, playful dolphins and mysterious deep-sea creatures come to life. Whether you’re a teacher, a parent or an eager learner, our Voice of the Sea Classroom is here to empower the next generation of ocean stewards.

Let’s embark on a voyage of discovery together; the future of our oceans rests in the hands of these young learners!

If you’re an educator, parent or student, email us to receive the free education kits at [email protected]

Voice of the Sea is now available as a stunning picture book:

In wonderful news, the Voice of the Sea is now a 32-page children’s book published by Puffin Books (Penguin Random House).


Voice of the Sea Book

Voice of the Sea Book


Where did it go?
Where has it gone, your love for me?

We love our sandy beaches, our jewel seas and reefs brimming with life.
But our precious oceans are in trouble and we all need to become part of the voice to save them.

It is an unrequited love song to the ocean, aimed at engaging our most compelling voices of the future – our children.

The book has stunning illustrations by Andrea Innocent and Jonathan Chong.


Purchase your copy here