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Voice Of The Sea

Summer '24 Newsletter
February 1, 2024

Turning the Tide Newsletter – Summer 2024

Voice Of The Sea

AMCS’ Voice of the Sea won an ARIA!

With our creative agency partner, Innocean, and national treasure, John Williamson, we were thrilled to win a prestigious ARIA Award for our Voice of the Sea video!

Australian music icon John Williamson, wrote the Voice of the Sea song for us in 2022 to help us highlight the plight of our oceans and marine life. With the incredible talents of Innocean, artist Andrea Innocent, animator and filmmaker, Jono Chong (Photoplay Dropbear), the video won the “Best use of an Australian recording in an advertisement” category at the 2023 ARIA Awards.

Winning this huge accolade was a great boost to the campaign and our work to spotlight our oceans and wildlife in the media – the more people know of us and our work, the more we can achieve for our oceans!

Australian music icon and conservationist John Williamson said “My affinity with the ocean is as strong as my connection to and love for the bush. When I sat down to write about our love for the oceans, I couldn’t help but think about all the problems we’ve caused our seas and their wildlife, even though we say we love them.”

“My lyrics reference global warming, overfishing and the risk of losing some of our incredible marine wildlife. It’s not too late but we need more people to sing out and be the voices of our seas.”