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Unwrapped: Supermarket Plastics

Summer '24 Newsletter
February 1, 2024

Turning the Tide Newsletter – Summer 2024

Unwrapped: Supermarket Plastics

How much are supermarkets really doing to reduce plastic packaging on their shelves?

In a landmark report ‘Unwrapped: Plastic Use in Australian Supermarkets’, we revealed the results of a six month investigation by AMCS and the Boomerang Alliance.

Aldi came first in the race to cut plastic, reporting clear progress in cutting plastic including on fresh produce, and replacing some hard to recycle plastics with recycled cardboard, or offcuts destined for landfill. Coles came second, providing some customers with reuse and refill options. Woolworths came third; unwilling or unable to show genuine reductions in plastic packaging. Metcash, owners of independent IGA and Foodland stores, came last.

It’s time for supermarkets to be more transparent by telling their customers (that’s you!) what they’re really doing to reduce plastic packaging. Supporters like you told us you want to see less plastic in our supermarkets, and we heard you loud and clear! With your help, we’ll be auditing supermarkets annually to hold them to account.

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