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Good Fish, Great Support!

Summer '24 Newsletter
February 1, 2024

Turning the Tide Newsletter – Summer 2024

Good Fish, Great Support!

Cerberus chef Lachlan Williams and owners Erica and Jaimi Helliwell are at the forefront of GoodFish practice.

In November, they generously hosted events for local Melbourne supporters and sustainable seafood providers.

As a dedicated scuba diver with increasing awareness of marine threats – Lachlan has decided to only serve sustainably caught and farmed seafood produce.

In supporting this decision, Erica and Jaimi faced serious financial and logistical considerations. Former surf lifesaver Erica says,

“It was quite the leap of faith, but with such a talented and committed chef on board, it was impossible not to shift to sustainable produce. It’s exciting, we have a lot of young people working for us, who at times have to explain to customers why such items as ‘flake’, aka shark, amongst other unsustainable species, are not being served. These young workers are becoming educated about what is happening under the water and in turn, educating the customers.”

AMCS is lucky to have the support of Cerberus, and all of the businesses involved in our GoodFish program, proving that it is possible – and indeed profitable – to make the better choice.

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Put your money (and some fine food!) where your mouth is, and support the wonderful businesses that support our oceans.

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