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Skates On!

Summer '24 Newsletter
February 1, 2024

Turning the Tide Newsletter – Summer 2024

Skates On!

The Maugean skate is facing imminent extinction.

Macquarie Harbour is the last remaining home for the Maugean skate but Intensive salmon farming and manipulated river flows to support hydroelectricity production are depleting oxygen, slowly choking the skates to death.

The Maugean Skate Recovery Team has been convened to help save the skate from extinction. AMCS is the environmental representative member of the Maugean Skate Recovery Team, working urgently with other key stakeholders for a solution.

We are urging the Federal and Tasmanian governments to work together to urgently take actions to protect the Maugean skate.

The Australian government has published the “Maugean Skate Road Map” to save the skate from extinction. The captive breeding program started in December 2023, and Environment Minister Plibersek is currently reviewing the future of salmon farming in Macquarie Harbour under Australia’s nature laws.

Save The Maugean Skate

We need your help to urgently ensure the skate’s protection and recovery, so that we can avoid losing this amazing Australian species forever.

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