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Fighting Fossil Fuel Giants

Summer '24 Newsletter
February 1, 2024

Turning the Tide Newsletter – Summer 2024

Fighting Fossil Fuel Giants

The tide is turning against offshore oil and gas projects.

The oil and gas industry threatens our oceans and marine life through seismic blasting, drilling, harm from spills and accidents, the building and decommissioning of infrastructure, and from the climate impacts of burning fossil fuels.

In August, ocean-lovers like you, had their say and made over 19,500 submissions opposing the seismic blasting plan proposed for the oceans between Victoria and Tasmania. If approved, this would be the world’s largest 3D seismic blasting project on record.

We’re ramping up the Summer Against Seismic. We are expanding outreach in communities across Victoria and Tasmania, with film screenings, briefings, submission writing workshops, trivia nights, festival stalls and more. In November, AMCS hit the road to visit frontline communities to equip them to take action and stop new fossil fuel projects in their tracks.

Abolish SPA Permits

Seismic blasting companies are using a cheap and reckless permit called a Special Prospecting Authority (SPA) to conduct some of the world’s largest seismic blasting projects in Australia. Let our Federal Resources Minister know that we need an end to SPA permits to protect endangered species and threatened marine habitats.

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