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Hello Emma & Tish

Summer '24 Newsletter
February 1, 2024

Turning the Tide Newsletter – Summer 2024

Hello Emma & Tish

Emma and Elisha “Tish” have both volunteered with AMCS for more than a year, generously finding time in their busy schedules to support marine conservation.

Emma is studying a dual degree in Biomedical Science and Science, majoring in Marine Biology, and Tish is studying a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Marine Biology and minoring in Zoology. Credentials attesting to a deep love of our oceans and making a difference.

From a young age Emma visited Ningaloo Reef on family roadtrips, and highlights snorkelling Coral Bay as pivotal in her decision to study marine science.

“I love that there is this crazy alien world that we could never survive in, right there on our coastlines,” Tish explains. “There is so much unique and incredible life down there in an environment that is completely inhospitable to us, and I find that fascinating.”

We sincerely thank Emma and Tish, and volunteers everywhere, for their generosity, commitment and support – you are absolutely critical to change-making work.


Why Volunteer?

A few reasons why you may like to volunteer:

  1. Meet interesting and like minded people who love our oceans
  2. Get experience working in a not-for-profit organisation
  3. Donate your skills to help save our oceans

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