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World Oceans Giving Day 2023

Spring '23 Newsletter
October 13, 2023

Turning the Tide Newsletter – Spring 2023

World Oceans Giving Day 2023

On World Oceans Day, 8 June, we celebrate our life-giving oceans with you, our inspiring ocean-loving supporters.

You have blown us away with your donations and heartfelt words of encouragement! On June 8 your donations were doubled by our incredible matching donors. As a result, we eclipsed our initial target of $850,000 to raise over $1 million! Each generous gift we received on World Oceans Day helps us expand our impact for marine life and ensures we can enact plans to protect our oceans including:

  • Growing our GoodFish program and seafood sustainability guide. Increasing demand for sustainable seafood options.
  • Boosting our campaign to fight the expansion of offshore oil and gas development.
  • Seizing the once in a generation opportunity to affect real, lasting changes to our failing national environmental laws, including launching a new public advertising campaign to build public support for stronger nature laws.

Supercharging our work to make sure the Queensland and federal governments urgently take the action needed to keep our Reef off the ‘in Danger’ list.

Our ocean-loving community of all ages and sizes rallied together to make this World Oceans Day a celebration for our big blue backyard.

  • Blossom (five) donated $75 from her piggy bank, “I want to give my money to the animals so they can live and be safe”.
  • The Earthlings and Dolphin Ambassadors of Eastbourne Primary School raised $80 through their movie fundraising event.
  • Team Awesome Oceans Fund rallied their community, raising $26,285 for the day.
  • Blue Water: Valerie Taylor Art Prize donated $43,400 from proceeds of their art auction.

Special thanks to our Wavemakers who made the day possible:

Two Monkeys Foundation
Bruce McMullin Foundation
Charles Warman Foundation
David and Lisa Leckenby
Jane Murphy and Anthony Cooper
JMS Foundation
Keith and Jeannette Ince
Marilyn and Eldon Ball
Morris Family Foundation
Murphy Family Foundation
Norman Family
Rawson Care Foundation
Renewable Energy Yacht Race
Sarah & Sebastian
Spinifex Trust
The Rocks Push

Watch the Thank You video!