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Working to Recover Sea Lions

Spring '23 Newsletter
October 13, 2023

Turning the Tide Newsletter – Spring 2023

Working to Recover Sea Lions

Our beloved endemic Australian sea lions are endangered. With fewer than 6,500 mature adults left, our Aussie ‘sea puppies’ urgently need help.

In May AMCS joined the first meeting of the National Australian Sea Lion Recovery Team. Historically hunted for their fur, Australian sea lion numbers have subsequently fallen by over 60% in four decades and are at such low levels that in 2021 the species was reassessed and listed from ‘Vulnerable’ to ‘Endangered’.

The role of the recovery team is to implement the actions identified in the recovery plan – which is currently being updated. As one of two conservation representatives on the team, with your support AMCS will continue to ensure recovery efforts are coordinated and sustained.

The population of sea lions is around 12,000, but it’s estimated there are only 6,500 breeding aged individuals, and the population is continuing to decrease. The death of even a single female can have a negative impact on a colony’s survival.

Because of You!

Thanks to your support, AMCS continues to fight to protect the Australian sea lion, and we will keep you updated as the Recovery Team develops plans and actions to save one of our favourite and most iconic marine species.