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Sustainable Aquaculture

Spring '23 Newsletter
October 13, 2023

Turning the Tide Newsletter – Spring 2023

Sustainable Aquaculture

Farmed seafood makes up almost half of the seafood produced in Australia.

There is a range of world leading approaches to aquaculture being practised in Australia, whether highly innovative or low-tech, handsoff farming practices are producing some of the most sustainable seafood choices we can make.

We visited some of these aquaculture operators across Australia to showcase brilliant things they are each doing to ensure they leave the smallest footprints.

Thank you to the farms that took part, Aquna Sustainable Murray Cod (NSW), Mainstream Aquaculture (VIC), Flinders Mussels (VIC), Leeuwin Coast Akoya Mussels (WA) and Blue Ridge Marron (WA), keep up the great work!


The businesses profiled in our aquaculture film showcase great examples of farms that treat their resources efficiently, innovatively or in a way that increases their sustainability and minimises their impact on the surrounding environment.

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