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K’Gari Sandy Whale Experience

Spring '23 Newsletter
October 13, 2023

Turning the Tide Newsletter – Spring 2023

K’Gari Sandy Whale Experience

Ocean lovers unite for K’gari adventure!

Ten participants undertook the epic five-day adventure of K’gari (Fraser Island) – Australia’s number one destination for whale watching.

Colleen and Anna share with us some of their motivation and enthusiasm for embarking on the AMCS K’gari Sandy Whale Experience 2023.

“I wanted to meet some great like-minded people.”

“I wanted to do something worthwhile to help these beautiful creatures.”

Participants raised vital funds with every step to protect our big blue backyard. At time of writing, they have raised near to $18,000 for marine conservation!

We extend our sincere thanks to our explorers and their communities for their passion, enthusiasm and support.

Ocean lovers can still support our participants’ fundraising targets.

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