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Celebrating Sea Country

Spring '23 Newsletter
October 13, 2023

Turning the Tide Newsletter – Spring 2023

Celebrating Sea Country

First Nations people’s wisdom, knowledge and experience in managing Sea Country is important for the protection of our oceans.

AMCS acknowledges that First Nations people have cared for land and sea Country since time immemorial.

As an organisation dedicated to protecting our coasts, oceans and wildlife, we have much to learn from First Nations people’s intimate knowledge of ecosystems.

We support a First Nations Voice to Parliament because if First Nations people are represented in shaping policies, including the protection and management of our shared natural heritage, we will get better outcomes.

Supporting the Voice to Parliament and constitutional recognition is a way to say that we want to hear the wisdom from the oldest living culture on earth and is a step towards listening and respecting First Nations people.

AMCS Supports ‘Yes’

Read our position on the Voice Referendum and our open letter:

Our Position