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'The Voyage of Whale and Calf' by Dr Vanessa Pirotta

January 24, 2023

Blueback Tim Winton

This book is the perfect annual reminder and reflection of the humpback whale migration.

This book is intended not only for a younger demographic (6-9 year olds) but also for an older one, the parents, guardians and teachers, those who would be reading the story.

Thousands of whales migrate along Australia’s east and west coasts each year from their feeding waters of Antarctica to the northern warm waters to breed. Being able to share some of the science and biology around whales through this narrative is a beautiful way to document their important role in the marine environment. This is also an opportunity to highlight some of the challenges these animals face such as entanglement in fishing gear and marine pollution, just to name a few, as well as natural threats such as killer whales.
I feel it is important for young minds to connect with nature through this book whether it be at school or before bed at night.

– Author, Dr Vanessa Pirotta


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