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Sustainable Seafood Week: Our Story on Sustainability

by GoodFish Team February 27, 2020

This Sustainable Seafood Week, find out our story on sustainability.

For years, our supporters contacted us with queries that went along the lines of:

I love our oceans and I love eating seafood – how can I make a sustainable choice?

So we developed Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide, which became Australia’s first online sustainability guide for seafood consumers in Australia.

16 years on, Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide has matured and become known as GoodFish.

We continue to independently assess 160+ species and fish stocks and have introduced a restaurant arm to the project, aiming to work together with chefs and connect them with sustainable fisheries.


What does sustainability mean to us?

GoodFish – Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide is entirely independent. So you can rest assured that our assessments and listings have not been greenwashed. There’s no government or industry funds or interests involved to influence our work.

Our sustainability assessments are based on a holistic approach to evaluating the environmental impact of Australian fisheries and aquaculture operations.

By holistic, we mean that we don’t just look at fish stocks, we also take into account the surrounding direct and indirect impacts fishing and aquaculture has on our oceans and environment.

The goal? Ensuring healthy oceans forever.


What can you do to be more sustainable?

  1. Download the GoodFish Sustainable Seafood Guide to your smart phone now:  Download GoodFish Sustainable Seafood Guide on Google Play
  2. Hop online to the GoodFish website and familiarise yourself with green listed species 
  3. Support local restaurants that have pledged to only serve green-listed seafood. Find them in the GoodFish restaurant guide. 


Looking for sustainable seafood recipes?

Flathead tacos, Spanish Mackerel on puree, South Indian mullet curry… What do all of these have in common?

All of the above species are green-listed in GoodFish Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide.  

Check out sustainable seafood recipes at SBS Food.


Are you a chef or seafood supplier?

If you are an Australian chef, fishmonger or fisher, get in contact with our program manager, Sascha Rust on amcs [at] 

We take care of our community and would love you to be a part of it! 


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