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Subsea 7 withdraws industrial oil and gas pipeline fabrication proposal from Exmouth Gulf, Ningaloo

December 8, 2020

Subsea 7, the global oil and gas services company that proposed to build a large pipeline fabrication facility and towing operation in Exmouth Gulf, has indicated that it has withdrawn the project.

Protect Ningaloo Director, Paul Gamblin said: “This is a victory for nature, for the community, for common sense and for the future. To those tens of thousands of people who sent a submission, emailed their MPs, bought a t-shirt or helped in innumerable other ways, they should feel really good about what has happened. The campaign to stop industrial development in the Gulf isn’t quite over but today is for celebrating!

“We’re still absorbing this huge news. Our phones haven’t stopped ringing, including from lots of happy supporters in Exmouth, and there’s a sense of great relief.

“The reason the community was ready to stand up to Subsea 7’s proposal is that it was clearly so out of place with the beautiful natural land and seascapes of Exmouth Gulf. It’s obvious that industrial development is incompatible with Exmouth Gulf, and Subsea 7 has made the right decision to withdraw its proposal.

“The campaign to protect Exmouth Gulf has drawn strong support from across the community including many people in the tourism and hospitality sectors in Exmouth who know their industry can only prosper if the environment is protected. Protecting the Gulf’s environment is good for jobs, now and in the future.”

The Protect Ningaloo campaign began locally in Exmouth and has grown from there to reach right across WA and the country.

Denise Fitch, Chair of Cape Conservation Group, Exmouth, said, “Exmouth Gulf is really special to local people. It’s a peaceful place where we take our families to relax and there’s always so much wildlife below and above the water. Campaigning to protect the Gulf from Subsea 7 has been hard at times but it’s also been so inspiring to see how people from all walks for life will step up and take a stand for the greater good. Subsea 7’s not the only industrial threat to the Gulf but it’s certainly been a lightning rod and has helped so many people around WA appreciate how special the Gulf is and what’s at stake. It feels like we’ve got the wind at our backs now.”

In recent months, the campaign deployed the #BeautifulNingaloo communications campaign via print, radio and extensive leafleting to promote the area’s outstanding values and the threat posed by industrialisation.

“Once the broad community of Ningaloo supporters has had time to absorb this brilliant news, we’ll kick off the next phase of the campaign to protect the Gulf from the remaining industrial proposals so the community can rest easier knowing the area will be safe from the threat of industrialisation,” said Mr Gamblin.