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Our Strategic Plan 2022-2025

December 15, 2021

Our oceans are critical to life on Earth. They are integral to the water cycle, they shape global weather patterns, absorb carbon dioxide, produce much of the world’s oxygen, they are home to an amazing array of marine life, many yet to be discovered, provide food security and  livelihoods to millions, and bring joy, inspiration and comfort to many.

But in Australia and around the globe, our oceans are in deep trouble. Loss of habitat, pollution, overfishing, unsustainable development, invasive species and the very real and immediate impacts  of climate change are devastating marine habitats, species, communities and economies across our blue planet. 

Our oceans face more threats today than at any time in the past. As a country we have done better than some, but not nearly enough to reverse the decline we are now witnessing. 

The health of Australia’s oceans lies in our hands, in our actions and in our decisions.


Our Strategic Plan

The next decade is the most important for the future of our oceans in our lifetimes. We stand on the edge of a twin crisis – an extinction crisis eroding biodiversity and a climate emergency undermining the health of all ecosystems. 

Our 2022-2025 Strategic Plan sets out our future direction, strategies and goals. It is about working together to protect, restore and build resilience of our oceans.

It is our ‘oceans manifesto’, setting out what we will do in the years ahead to play our part in securing healthy oceans and a stable climate.

Time is running out, but all is not lost. We must build resilience within our oceans to give our marine habitats and the species that live there a fighting chance against this twin crisis.

The oceans are our planet’s life support. All of us have a role to play if we are to drive the actions that will lead us back from the edge.

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Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Focus & Outcomes


Development of AMCS Strategic Plan generously supported by the Queensland Community Foundation.

Image by Tracy Olive (@tracyolive on Instagram)