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Six of Australia’s largest conservation groups urge Premier Berejiklian to retain sanctuary zones in Sydney Marine Park proposal

September 26, 2018

Six of the nation’s leading conservation groups have written to the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian urging her to retain no-take sanctuary zones in her Sydney Marine Park proposal.

The joint statement from Australian Conservation Foundation, Australian Marine Conservation Society, Greenpeace Australia Pacific, Humane Society International Australia, Nature Conservation Council of NSW, The Wilderness Society and WWF-Australia says:

   “Our organisations strongly support the NSW Government’s proposal to establish a marine park for the region between Newcastle and Wollongong.

   “We urge the NSW Government to implement the marine park with the current sanctuary zones as a minimum and that you seek to extend the sanctuary zones to other important areas to complete a comprehensive, adequate and representative marine park for the region.

    “Your proposal would result in a modest 2.4% of the bioregion being included as sanctuary zones, which whilst falling far short of scientific benchmarks, is an important step in the right direction.

   “This issue has the support of the vast majority of the community. ReachTEL polling commissioned since the announcement of your marine park proposal in the electorates of Coogee, Manly, Terrigal and Gosford found that more than 75% of people support a marine park for the region.”

The government unveiled its Sydney Marine Park proposal on August 16 and said the public would have six weeks to September 27 to comment. However, on September 17, two weeks before the consultation period closed, Primary industries Minister Niall Blair pre-empted the result, declaring no-take sanctuary zones were “off the table”.

The consultation period closes tomorrow, Thursday, September 27.

Sydney Marine Park Campaign |Sharnie Connell
Australian Conservation Foundation | CEO Kelly O’Shanassy
Nature Conservation Council | Campaigns Director Daisy Barham

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Letter In Support of Sydney Marine Park Sanctuary Zones