Remembering Sid

December 8, 2023

Dr Sidney French spent a lifetime in service to the oceans and environment, supporting a raft of organisations fighting to preserve our ecological and cultural heritage.

The impact of Sid’s support reached far beyond the level of his philanthropic contributions and executive involvement in these organisations – he was both advocate and activist, a thinker and a doer.

His innovative engineering solutions directly impacted ocean and terrestrial environments globally. Here in Australia, one of the most iconic and dramatic examples of Sid’s work was the almost instantaneous transformation of the water quality at Sydney beaches following the completion of deep ocean sewage outfalls at Bondi, North Head and Malabar.

His lifelong passion for the high seas saw him participate in numerous yachting events, as well as a memorable trip aboard the Greenpeace icebreaker Arctic Sunrise.

Here at AMCS, we always knew we could count on his support, come hell or high water, and we are so very proud that we were amongst the many fine organisations he chose to represent his passion for the oceans upon which we know he loved to sail. We will miss him.