Radish Events: Catering Excellence and Sustainability

May 3, 2024

When we need a caterer who adheres to our sustainable and ethical practices, we’re lucky enough to be partnered with a host of fabulous restaurateurs who subscribe to our GoodFish program. When we hosted an event in Sydney recently, we called on GoodFish partner Henri Turri from Radish, based in Newtown.

Henri’s uncompromising ethics in terms of the sustainable food he sources (with the help of the GoodFish guide of course!) and the business practices to which he rigorously adheres, made Radish a natural choice. His team is on a mission to zero waste, currently offsetting 100% of their CO2 emissions, and is the first catering company in Australia to earn a BCorp certification, which means they are serious about combining sustainability with deliciousness.

All of that aside, the service was flawless, and the food exquisite.

If you would like to know more about Radish, or indeed any other of our more than 100 GoodFish partners located all around the country, jump on to GoodFish.org.au and support those businesses that have made a pledge to sell sustainable seafood when eating out – and be sure to check out the GoodFish Guide whilst you are there!