QLD Election:
Reef Policy Scorecard

Do you know which main parties have committed to protect the future of our Great Barrier Reef?

After three mass coral bleaching events in just five years, the future of our precious reef ecosystem is on the line.

Our independent policy ratings show you which parties have committed to the policies needed to give our Reef a fighting chance this Queensland State Election.

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How have we assessed the parties’ policies?

We wrote to each of the main parties (based on whether they hold seats in the Queensland Parliament and whether they are running in a majority of seats). The Australian Labor Party, The Liberal National Party and The Greens were the only parties to respond to the substance of our letter.

See the party policies behind the scores here.

For information on the policies of other parties, visit their websites below:

Katter’s Australian Party | Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party | United Australia Party | Informed Medical Options Party | Animal Justice Party

The Australian Marine Conservation Society is a science based, non-partisan conservation organisation whose purpose is to advance the natural environment. We do not promote or oppose political parties or direct people how to vote. We offer independent assessment and analysis of the parties’ policies, and campaign news on the latest developments in the issues affecting our oceans.

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