Jo Manning

Media Advisor

Location: Perth

Originally from Plymouth in the UK, Jo’s love of nature was nurtured by David Attenborough documentaries and her brother’s birdwatching hobby, which took her family to all corners of the beautiful South West region in search of rarities, murmurations and migrations.

Following on from a career in journalism in Cardiff, which included a stint at the BBC news website, Jo moved to Western Australia in 2009 where she has worked for the union movement and a University, helping to promote political campaigns, research and teaching activities in local, national and international communities.

Jo has a passion for the translation of science into materials that can be understood and appreciated by general audiences and has worked closely with environmental and marine researchers to publicise important studies on forests, coastal and ocean habitats, climate change impacts, and many species including whale sharks, dolphins, humpback whales and white sharks. Jo is a strong believer in the power of good science to guide and inform positive conservation outcomes, and building public support for these outcomes is crucial for their ongoing success.