Jaimi Webster

Great Barrier Reef Water Quality Manager

Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD

Jaimi is passionate about ocean conservation and has worked to protect and restore wetlands and coastal ecosystems in Australia for the past decade. Her earliest advocacy was for the South Australian marine park network. Soon after graduating from Environmental Science she began her career in water quality on a research boat in the River Murray and Coorong in South Australia where she had the privilege to lead the restoration of wetlands, floodplains and coastal estuaries.

Jaimi has worked on climate change projects in NSW and QLD and has been involved in investigating innovative solutions for restoring wetlands whilst sequestering carbon and improving water quality.

Jaimi has recently joined AMCS and is looking forward to working with stakeholders to improve the water quality in the Great Barrier Reef catchments to restore the health and resilience of the estuaries and Reef for our ocean wildlife that depends on it.