Edward Cross

Operations Coordinator

Location: Brisbane

With an extensive administrative background (including executive/board assistance, marketing, volunteer management and supporter services) within not for profit, environmental and charity organisations, Edd brings a wealth of experience to the Operations Coordinator role.  He loves working with the AMCS team and supporters as everyone has a collective passion and commitment to protecting our precious ocean life and keeping them healthy for future generations. From his first aquarium as a child learning as much as possible about fish, through to being a scuba diving instructor, Edd relishes each opportunity to introduce people to the breathtaking world that lives under the surface. He is always awe-inspired by the shapes, colours and patterns that nature provides, and then disheartened when seeing first hand rubbish and plastics in the ocean, and fish injured by and wrapped up in fishing tackle and debris. In his spare time, Edd continues to be inspired by nature through creating wildlife cartoons and illustrations.