Dr Cat Dorey

Cat Dorey

Fair Catch Campaign Manager

Location: Sydney

Despite starting her career in biomedical science (with a PhD in Immunology) it’s clear from her name that Cat was destined to be fighting for the fishes!

Cat has over 20 years experience in environmental and social justice advocacy and activism, and has been campaigning for healthy oceans since 2003. She worked internationally on fisheries and seafood sustainability for 14 years with Greenpeace, and for 3 years as an Independent Advisor on science-based policy development for fisheries management, sustainable and equitable seafood sourcing practices, and fish welfare. Cat joined AMCS in early 2021 to lead our work on marine parks in Australia, before taking the lead on our new Fair Catch campaign in October 2022.

Cat is also a regular guest lecturer and public speaker on oceans issues, on the Board and Steering Committee of two oceans organisations, and combines her love of the Arts and the oceans as a science advisor for a science-art performance project.

As an environmental and social justice activist, Cat’s mission is to share the best wisdom from the fields of marine ecology and conservation, permaculture and regenerative farming, social justice and animal rights in a way that challenges and inspires people, and motivates change in policies and behaviour in order to bring greater protection to all life within, and at the edges of, our oceans

She dabbles in lots of things, but is happiest when rock climbing, digging in a permaculture garden, or in her mask, snorkel and fins hanging out with the fishes.