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New ABC series shows how our reef connects to rainforest

June 9, 2020

A stunning new natural history series focused on the East Australian Current (EAC) provides unique insights into life on our Great Barrier Reef, and how microscopic ocean plants, currents and rainforest in Far North Queensland are intimately connected.

The new three-part series called Australia’s Ocean Odyssey (ABC + ABC iview, Tues 9 June, 8.30pm), joins the current at our Reef, showcasing the interconnectedness of species and habitats with stunning footage and scientific insight. The series will follow the current all the way to the Antarctic.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) said the programs illustrated how important healthy oceans are to all life on Earth.

“The series is a feast for the eyes. The first episode shows how upwellings of microscopic plants pushed by the EAC influences the food chain on our Reef and even the weather that has shaped the ancient tropical rainforest in Daintree,” said AMCS CEO Darren Kindleysides.

“It illustrates the importance of maintaining and nurturing this careful balance. At the AMCS, we have long campaigned for action on the issues that are unbalancing our oceans, including global warming which is heating our oceans and bleaching our Reef. We are also working to combat overfishing to ensure food webs are not thrown out of sync with catastrophic consequences.

“The opening episode illustrates the issue of heating in our oceans using the example of green sea turtles. Higher air temperatures are resulting in more female turtles being born which will have serious consequences for their population.

“I would urge anyone with a love for our oceans to watch Australia’s Ocean Odyssey to better understand the delicate forces at play, and why it is so important to look after these incredible marine environments.”

Australia’s Ocean Odyssey airs Tuesday 9 June, 8.30pm on ABC + ABC iview


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