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Make your seafood feast sustainable this Christmas

December 9, 2018

Australia’s peak marine NGO is calling on all ocean loving Australians who also love their seafood to shop sustainably this festive season.

AMCS Sustainable Seafood Program Manager Adrian Meder, said, “The festive season is a great time to enjoy quality, fresh seafood from around Australia. But none of us want our ocean wildlife and their homes harmed just to put seafood on our plates. Some fisheries continue to impact threatened dolphins, endangered sharks and turtles.

“Australians are looking for healthy Australian seafood choices that are genuinely sustainable. By using our independent, user friendly guide we can help ensure there will be seafood around for the future.

“There are moregreen listed seafood choices than ever before to enjoy this Christmas in our Sustainable Seafood Guide. Australians can find choices like Spencer Gulf king prawns or Australian-farmed prawns, eastern and western rock lobster, King George and eastern school whiting, Victorian-caught snapper and many others in our guide and be confident of sharing good times and stewardship for our oceans this Christmas”.

“The Guide looks at the impacts that different types of fishing have on our oceans, including damage to fragile marine habitats and threatened marine life.

“By making wise seafood choices this Christmas we will keep plenty of fish in the sea,” he concluded.

Based on the latest scientific data, Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide features an easy to use traffic light system, and informs the user on any threats to protected species or fish stocks, and how the seafood is farmed or fished.

Australia’s Sustainable Seafood Guide is available as a free app and online. Visit


For comment: AMCS Communications Manager Ingrid Neilson: 0421 972 731