K'gari Sandy Whale Experience 2023

The adventure of a lifetime to K’gari (Fraser Island)!

Join dedicated ocean lovers on this incredible journey while protecting the waters and wildlife of Great Sandy Marine Park.

You’ll experience the incredible beauty of the world’s largest sand island – an enigmatic melange of tropical rainforest and white sand beaches, wild health and wetlands, sand dunes and coastal swamps. And your companion every step of the way is Simon Miller (Great Barrier Reef Fisheries Campaign Manager, AMCS).


Join the Adventure


Our oceans face more threats today than ever before.

Loss of habitat, pollution, overfishing, development, invasive species and the very real and immediate impacts of climate change are devastating marine habitats, species, communities and economies across our blue planet – and right here at home.

As part of the K’gari Sandy Whale Experience 2023, you’ll raise vital funds to help the Australian Marine Conservation Society protect the waters and wildlife of the Great Sandy Marine Park, off the west coast of K’gari (Fraser Island). You’ll have a fundraising target of $3,000 when taking on this challenge, all of which goes to Australian Marine Conservation Society.

With every step you take, you’ll play an integral part in protecting our unique marine life and drive action to safeguard the future of our oceans.