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Happy 10th anniversary to our friends at SARAH & SEBASTIAN!

October 17, 2022

We were honoured to join in the celebrations for this milestone with the jewellery label founders, Sarah Munro and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki, at an event on Friday, where the dynamic duo also launched the wave making Xanthe Project for our oceans. 

Sydney based design label, SARAH & SEBASTIAN, became a AMCS Business Supporter in 2019 and since then they have gone above and beyond in their advocacy and financial contributions, making them one of our most valuable, and most valued, business supporters.

Building on their partnership with AMCS, SARAH & SEBASTIAN are embarking on the ambitious Xanthe Project, where they pledge to donate over one million dollars to ocean conservation over the next decade. As part of this project, they have selected a further three ocean related charity partners – Ocean Impact, Take 3 for the Sea and The Coral Sea Foundation’s ‘Sea Women for the Great Barrier Reef’ program, to be recipients of the funds.

Donations will be made from multiple initiatives across the undertaking, including $1 given from every online sale, alongside collection and product specific sales and additional one-off contributions to all partner organisations. Co-founder Robert Sebastian Grynkofki said:

“We have purposefully chosen to work with these incredible charities as their mission closely aligns with ours. Each partner aligns with our passions across education, activism, political change and commercial impact for our oceans.”

Sarah and Robert’s love for the ocean is the dominant inspiration for their designs and a driving force for the social and environmental responsibility of the design label. In Sarah’s words:

“The ocean has always been the driving force for SARAH & SEBASTIAN. It’s always inspired me creatively and [is] a key pillar in our brand’s philosophy. I’ve seen first-hand the fragility of our marine life and am honoured that our brand is on this mission to help turn around some of the devastating impacts we’ve had on our world below.”

Since coming on board with AMCS in 2019, SARAH & SEBASTIAN have contributed over $115,000 to our conservation campaigns and they’ve been great champions for our iconic wildlife through their films and designs. Their “Now you see me” films, directed by Alice Wesley-Smith, are beautifully made and showcase some of our incredible marine animals and ecosystems, such as our Great Barrier Reef and Australian sea lions.



Congratulations SARAH & SEBASTIAN on your tenth anniversary, thank you for your support – we are lucky to have you on board and proud to be associated with your team. We look forward to seeing what you achieve for our oceans through the Xanthe Project.