Grace's Legacy

December 8, 2023

I support and have bequeathed a Gift in my Will to the Australian Marine Conservation Society for which I am happy and proud.

The state of our oceans is often overlooked and/or not in the forefront of animal welfare. But the health of our oceans is both an animal and global environmental issue.
As I’ve got older, the rate of global warming, overfishing and rubbish are truly alarming and disturbing for me. Since following AMCS, I’ve learnt how critical this issue is. Whilst I love whales, seals, dolphins, all marine life is amazing and precious.

I have no doubt my Legacy will go towards AMCS continuing their awesome work, raising public awareness, education, protecting all marine life and the oceans we share this planet with. As the guardians we have that obligation.

I hope my words will inspire many others to favourably consider a Gift in their Will to AMCS – it’s worth it.