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Global Plastics Treaty Update

May 28, 2024
Thanks to your support, AMCS Plastics Campaign Manager Cip Hamilton was a voice for our oceans at the fourth round of global plastics treaty negotiations.

Plastic pollution is a global crisis for nature that urgently needs a global response.

With your help, AMCS advocated for our oceans at the fourth round of global plastics treaty negotiations, held in Ottawa, Canada in April 2024.

AMCS pushed for science-based solutions, offering expert advice to countries, and working with global alliances to promote an ambitious treaty.

As negotiations progress, the need to push back against the growing presence of fossil fuel and chemical companies is becoming more urgent. The agenda of these lobbyists conflicts with the global public interest and environmental needs. 

In good news – Australia recognises that the full lifecycle of plastics needs to be addressed to end plastic pollution. This includes reducing the production and consumption of needless plastics.

The final scheduled round of negotiations will take place later this year in Busan, South Korea. Significant work is still required to finalise the treaty text. With your support, AMCS will continue to push for a strong treaty that ends plastic pollution.

What is the global plastics treaty?

The global plastics treaty will be a legally binding instrument. It aims to end plastic pollution. It is a unique opportunity for the critical and urgent global action needed to end plastic pollution, including in our marine environments.

In 2022, an intergovernmental negotiating committee (INC) was established. The INC met for the first time in November 2022, and most recently for INC-4 in Ottawa, Canada. 

During this time, the treaty text has been negotiated by countries. The committee is expected to complete negotiations for the treaty text by the end of 2024 when INC-5 is scheduled for Busan, South Korea.

You can watch our video report from Ottawa on Instagram here.