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Choose gifts that give back.

It’s that time of year. We know already that you are, as champions of the ocean, a generous bunch of folk, so we know you’ll be wanting to spread the love with your gift giving. So if you want quality, sustainable gifts for your loved ones this year, check out our festive gift guide, and support the businesses that have also, like you, done so much to support AMCS this year.

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We know you’re already lovely on the inside, so browse the wonderful garments and jewellery on offer to complete the package. And it’s not just fashion – if you’re sailing, diving, swimming, hiking – we’ve got you covered with sustainable, quality gear that you can feel good about wearing.

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Australian swim label THE ROCKS PUSH was created because the designers wanted better consumer choices.

Kirsten and Mandy have six children between them and are acutely aware of the footprint they leave for the next generation; they want their grandchildren to be proud of the planet they have left behind.

THE ROCKS PUSH wants to help solve the problem of excess plastic in our oceans and landfill. They consciously choose to only recycle, upcycle or use natural fibres that use no chemicals in their products. They also responsibly make their leisurewear, they use off cuts of fabrics from one design to trim another, they’d rather sell out than be left with potential landfill.

There are five recycled plastic bottles in every pair of THE ROCKS PUSH recycled swim shorts. Each pair is double stitched for durability, features secure drawstrings, and is crafted from sturdy, quick-dry nylon which gives them the added stretch factor. So, they feel as good as they look.

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SARAH & SEBASTIAN is an independent jewellery studio by Sarah Munro and Robert Sebastian Grynkofki, designers who live and work in Sydney, Australia.

In the pursuit of conceptual design and innovative craftsmanship, SARAH & SEBASTIAN create seasonal collections, referencing art, Australian landscapes and the ocean, which is a driving force for the label’s social and environmental values.

Refined silhouettes designed to fit into the everyday lifestyle, their signature jewellery collection is reflective of the brand’s DNA. The co-founders have long championed local manufacturing and to this day operate a workshop in Australia with only a selection of products handcrafted overseas by trusted international manufacturers.

SARAH & SEBASTIAN has pledged to donate over a million dollars to ocean conservation within the next decade as part of their philanthropic initiative, The Xanthe Project.

The Xanthe Project supports four independent not-for-profit organisations including The Australian Marine Conservation Society, Ocean Impact Organisation, Take 3 for the Sea and the Coral Sea Foundation’s Sea Women of the Great Barrier Reef program.

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Castaway Jewellery Company

Company owners Jackie and Luke, spend as much time in the ocean as possible, whether it be surfing, free-diving or spearfishing. 

We aim to create jewellery that represents our lifestyle, is durable, long lasting, inclusive and supports and gives back to our oceans and community. We consider it an honour to a Business Supporter for the AMCS! We also support the RFS and native wildlife rescues. Our jewellery is designed in house and assembled on the Gold Coast. Our Signature Bracelets are made to order. The charms featured on our Signature Bracelets hold valid trademarks dating back as far as 2014! You can shop our website or market stall at various events in South East Queensland such at The Surfers Paradise Night Markets!

All our Signature Bracelets are currently 25% off for our End Of Year Sale! Discount is automatically applied at checkout.

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World Treasure Designs

Owned by Nick and Allison Thorp, World Treasure Designs is a small, independent jewellery business specialising in 100% Australian made, ethical and sustainable jewellery.

Our signature jewellery range – the Ocean Collection is designed to celebrate and protect the beauty and diversity of the world’s oceans. An avid scuba diver, part-time skipper for a local whale watching boat and lifelong ocean lover, Nick designed the Ocean Collection in 2012 as a way to combine his passion for the ocean with his skills as a jeweller. Inspired by the wildlife he found in his own backyard on the beautiful Fraser Coast, Nick hoped to raise awareness and cultivate a greater love for threatened marine species.

As ocean and nature lovers first and foremost, we strive to run our business as a reflection of our values and those of our customers. This means making 100% of our jewellery right here in Australia (for ethical and environmental reasons), utilizing responsible and sustainable materials, and giving back to protect the earth we love. We use recycled precious metals in all our jewellery (our silver is 100% recycled!), have switched to plastic-free and eco-friendly packaging, and run our jewellery workshop on solar power. Very near and dear to our heart, is our membership to 1% For the Planet, which means we donate at least 1% of every purchase towards saving our oceans and environment. We have chosen AMCS as the largest recipient of our donations due to their dedication and proven track record in protecting our precious ocean wildlife. It makes us so proud that every purchase helps to protect and preserve our oceans for future generations to enjoy!

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Moana Bikini

Moana Bikini specialise in exclusive, premium swimwear and accessories, utilising high-quality materials and distinctive styles and prints. Moana Bikini is Australian owned and based. We were established in 2011 – through a partnership with an Hawaiian-owned brand – during which the brand name, Moana Bikini, originated.

Moana Bikini has continued to grow and evolve, but always with the core, simple goal of creating beautiful, cheeky-cut bikinis. Our specialty lies in seamless, reversible styles coupled with bright, bold and entirely unique, exclusive prints; Moana Bikini is the original seamless, reversible bikini, and still the best.

We are now a truly global brand with a legion of passionate and loyal fans and customers – The Moana Army.

Members of The Moana Army support, empower, inspire and motivate each other. We are at the forefront of a positive movement of female empowerment and inclusivity, centred around the utilisation of Social Media as a positive force for change.

Moana Babes smile, laugh and live life to the full, supporting and empowering each other along the way.

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Mitch Dowd

The Ragtrade has a lot to answer for when it comes to polluting our planet. Some businesses claim to be sustainable or “working towards it”, and that’s rubbish.

Mitch Dowd will be carbon neutral by 2023, no ifs or buts. And that’s not just our garments, but our whole business as well. Great quality means less emissions….it is possible, and we are here to prove it. Just a locally owned company doing our little bit, and if we all pitch in, we can do something big.

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Ecosilk Bags

Ecosilk Bags is a pioneer small business that started in 2001 by owner and designer Emily Hay to address the crazy use of single use plastic bags by providing a practical, beautiful, recyclable, affordable and long-lasting shopping bag.

The bags are ethically produced in China, are made in a shopping or a shoulder bag style, are produced in a large range of vibrant colours, and come in packs themed to the Great Barrier Reef to raise awareness of the plight of the reef and climate change. 10% of the profits of all pack sales will be donated to AMCS.

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The Bondi Shoe Club

Designed in Bondi & handmade in Spain, our luxe Espadrille Sneakers are the perfect transeasonal shoe to add some personality to any outfit!

The Bondi Shoe Club exists to make comfy, colourful and unique footwear that is cruelty free & environmentally responsible, with the higher purpose of supporting Australia’s beautiful ocean and the Great Barrier Reef.

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Shop beauty products that are also working to protect our beautiful oceans!

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WAVVES Haircare

Transform frizz into WAVVES with our straightforward curl care pack.

No heat. No fuss. No complicated routine. No pink packaging and sickly sweet scents. Just four steps to deeply clean, hydrate and define curls. We’re Australian-owned and made, with a focus on natural and ethically sourced ingredients. We’re proud to offer carbon-neutral delivery and 100% recyclable packaging. The perfect gift for the low-maintenance guy or gal who has hair that can be tricky to tame!

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Brush It On

Every single Brush It On product directly supports a conservation project of our customers’ choice. We take the war on plastic seriously and that’s why 100% of our profits go directly to organisations that protect the world’s oceans, forests, and wildlife.

The idea came from a desire to protect this planet for future generations. When we learned there is meant to be more plastic than fish in our oceans by 2050, we got quite upset and decided to take an active part in saving our planet. Viv & Alice created Brush It On to fight plastic pollution by helping people make conscious choices without sacrificing their lifestyle.

In 2018, we successfully funded our project on Indiegogo which helped us get our social enterprise off the ground. We started with designer bamboo toothbrushes and received a great response from the market, which motivated us to expand our offer and provide a wider range of zero-waste personal care products.

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Adventure & Experiences

Want to get on, in or under? Here’s a good place to start. We all love our oceans, and these businesses will do their best to get you in amongst it!

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Tasman Venture

Advanced Eco-Certified Whale Watching and K’gari Tours.

Experience the unique and untouched remote west coast of K’gari (Fraser Island) on our year round Remote Fraser Island Experience and be one of the few to explore parts of the island only the locals know about; while bush walking, snorkeling, kayaking and swimming. Our friendly, experienced and accredited staff will ensure you have an amazing experience you will never forget.

Our Whale Watching Tours operate seasonally from July-October. Immerse yourself with Humpback Whales from our purpose designed vessel’s large decks, including our famous water level viewing platform and our underwater viewing windows. Our passionate and highly experienced eco/naturalist guides will take you on an enriching journey of discovery while learning about conservation, sustainability and the environment, supported by engaging video presentations.

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Ocean Way Collective

We are Ty & Bryce, Newcastle’s cruisey photo & video duo who love to be involved amongst all the good times as well as the moments most important to you!

Genuine, fun & expressive. Our art style is true to your day and authentically documents the story of YOU, as it really happened, to relive for years to come. Our priority on your wedding day is helping you to have a relaxed and enjoyable time. We will capture your day to the tee, so sit back and leave it up to us to organise the chaos behind the scenes.

While we really enjoy capturing beautiful moments, we also believe that it is important to give back to the world in which we live and work. That’s why for every wedding captured, we pledge to donate 5% to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

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Ocean Film Festival World Tour

The Ocean Film Festival World Tour showcases a 3 hour celebration of our oceans comprised of sublime footage taken above and below the water’s surface.

This unique collection of short films from around the globe documents the beauty and power of the ocean, and celebrates the divers, surfers, swimmers and oceanographers who live for the sea’s salt spray; who chase the crests of waves; and who marvel at the mysteries of the big blue.
Your support of the Ocean Film Festival World Tour allows us to support many ocean conservation organisations like the AMCS. We do this by helping to share campaign messages, encouraging signing of petitions as well as through direct donations and fundraising assistance.

The Ocean Film Festival will showcase an all-new selection of breathtaking ocean films in March 2023. We hope to see you there.

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DiveBud is a freediving computer of a new kind, which uses a set of ascending and descending alarms to notify the diver of their depth and time checkpoints. It also helps to track your dives and is embedded with special functions for freedivers, spearfishers, underwater photographers and professional athletes.

We love the ocean, and so do our users. So we decided to support organisations that protect critical ocean ecosystems around the globe. We are happy to partner with the Australian Marine Conservation Society – an organisation that works on complex marine projects to protect the oceans.

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Home & Gifting

Each of these businesses has worked long and hard to make the best possible homewares using the most ethical and sustainable products and processes available to them.

Beyond that, they’re also constantly striving for improvement to create thriving businesses that contribute to, rather than deplete, the wonderful natural resources we have been blessed with. There is something for everyone here!

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Pottery for the Planet

Pottery For The Planet exists to contribute to the Earth’s long and healthy life, by eradicating single-use culture and plastic waste across the globe.

Through beautiful, unique designs and high-quality, handmade products, we aim to save over 1.2 billion disposable coffee cups going into landfill each year (That’s just Australia).

When you purchase a Turtle Cup you’re choosing to save and preserve our Marine Life. $5 from every Green Sea Turtle Cup sold goes directly to the Australian Marine Conservation Society to help fund their work in eradicating ocean plastic. Every year, thousands of marine animals – including sea turtles – are harmed due to plastic pollution.

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Myer’s Australian Marine Conservation Society Art Series range is a collaboration between Myer Homewares and AMCS.

Through this considered and purposeful range of homewares, developed in Melbourne by the Myer Homewares Team, the homewares products feature corals, turtles, whales, dugongs and sharks. Both the adults and children’s ranges have been created to share important ocean conservation messages and inspire passion for our amazing oceans and marine life.

The Myer team wanted to collaborate with AMCS to trial the development of a more sustainable range with advice and support from AMCS, leveraging the organisations’ extensive knowledge around conservation, whilst also promoting important conservation messages.
Myer worked closely with AMCS to ensure all products were sourced in line with Myer’s ethical sourcing framework and products were largely made from natural or non-virgin materials.

Myer is donating 5% of all profits from sales of the range to AMCS to help with their ongoing projects.

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Outer Island

Greetings from Outer Island, a pocket of paradise reimagining Australian souvenirs as plastic free sustainably made local goods that celebrate native plants, animals and habitats.

From a Nudibranch to an Australian Pelican, we’ve got you covered for a Christmas that brings the magic of a reef straight into your home with colourful hand-painted decorations. Proudly made in Australia, 5% of corresponding marine life item sales are donated to AMCS to help support their incredible work.

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Earth Greetings

Earth Greetings create Australian made, earth friendly cards and gifts to inspire feel good giving. We celebrate nature, whilst treading lightly on our planet and giving back generously.

We collaborate with talented artists who are inspired by our uniquely beautiful Australian native flora and fauna, and sales of our products enable us to donate to organisations that help native wildlife survive habitat loss and climate change.

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In 2009 Cheeki was established in Australia with the bold vision of eliminating single-use plastic food and beverage containers with premium stainless steel reusable products and became the first brand to introduce stainless steel water bottles to the Australian market.

Today Cheeki is Australia’s leading stainless steel water bottle brand and is proud to be 100% Australian own and to support Australian organisations and charities.

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Stand Desk Pty Ltd

Stand Desk are retailers of the highest performance and most feature packed standing desks in the Australian market.

Stand Desk is committed to providing an environmentally friendly product. This includes sustainable plantation based bamboo (with FSC certification) and birch desk tops and solvent free paints used in the powder coated frames. Our frames have Global Green Tag certification in Australia. Our packaging is 98% recyclable/bio degradable.

We are members of 1% for the Planet and proud supporters of the Australian Marine Conservation Society.

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Food & Drink

With so much choice, why choose these brands? Because each of these wonderful suppliers is actively supporting our mission and we would be proud to raise a glass with them. Join us, and celebrate their passion and support.

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Manly Spirits Co

Meet Manly Spirits Co.’s newest summer Gin-a-Colada style gin – ‘The Beaches’ Gin.

With a flavour profile that combines iconic summer ingredients – mango, coconut, and pine-n-line ice cream, The Beaches is a full-flavoured gin that’s perfect for tropical summer cocktails. Available for limited time only, this exclusive spirit is perfect for Christmas gifting and is sure to get your name on Santa’s ‘nice’ list.

‘The Beaches’ gin is also the gift that keeps on giving, with Manly Spirits Co. donating $5 from every bottle sold to the Australian Marine Conservation Society: Australia’s only national charity dedicated solely to protecting our precious ocean wildlife. Funds raised will directly contribute to reducing ocean plastics and protecting some of Australia’s threatened and endangered marine species.

The Beaches gin ($95 700ml bottle) can be purchased online via and is available for delivery nationwide.

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Goodwill Wine

If you are buying wine this holiday season, then why not buy quality wines that will do some good for our oceans?

We are Australia’s only certified social enterprise wine company, donating 50% of our profit to Australian charities. And thanks to a legion of loyal customers we have been able to donate $25,000 to the AMCS.

Our wines are sourced differently from most. We take the time to hunt down hidden gems that lay tucked away in wine cellars around Australia. Every vineyard has them – and they’re often award winners – but they’re in quantities too small to be of interest to the big online retailers or superstores. And so these beautiful wines often have no buyer, until we come along.

That is how we can offer our wines to you at a fraction of their RRP with a 100% money back guarantee.

Goodwill Wine is offering FREE SHIPPING on all our wines purchased in support of the AMCS this Christmas.

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Matcha Yu Tea

“Unashamedly obsessed by Matcha Green Tea from our many trips to Japan, my mission is to help others enjoy the many health benefits of regularly drinking delicious Matcha while looking after our Environment with 100% home compostable tea packaging.

Since I was a child I’ve always had an appreciation of the natural world, especially the life giving ocean. For many years, I’ve seen the effects of plastic on our environment by being involved in community beach clean ups. Due to this, I do my best to avoid single use plastic in my daily life.

Since the conception of Matcha Yu Tea, I felt I had a responsibility to make the business reflect my values & avoid creating single use plastic waste while offering like-minded customers a chance to do the same.

From the outset we have packed our Green Tea in 100% home compostable packaging. We were one of the first Matcha businesses globally to offer this option and certainly the first to do so in Australia. Our product labels are also home compostable so you can simply discard the entire product in your home compost.

We extend this zero waste mindset by ensuring our products are sent out 100% plastic free and using Sendle as a carbon neutral courier.

My business is based on trust, respect and a deep appreciation of Japan and its Tea, as well as caring for Mother Earth, especially our life giving ocean.

That is why Matcha Yu Tea choose to be a business supporter of the Australian Marine Conservation Society and the incredible work they do to protect the ocean, in particular reducing the amount of single use plastic waste that enters it.” – Erin, Founder of Matcha Yu Tea

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Cannings Butchers

As butchers with a conscience, they take great pride in delivering Australia’s most high welfare and ethical produce.

A lot has changed since Sam (Canning) opened his first butcher shop in 2010, but the core values of our business have stayed the same. Cannings honest devotion to customer satisfaction and a no-compromise approach to produce selection underpin every decision they make. They believe that animals should be treated with compassion and respect. Cannings supply nothing but finest grass fed, free range produce, as well as AMCS rated “Better Choice” seafood. Cannings also happen to be the only B Corp certified company in the Australian meat industry! When you shop at Cannings, you’re supporting farmers that truly care for their animals.

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Young Ones

Shopping sustainably matters the most for the next generation! Check out our selection of gifts that will bring kids joy today, and also protect the planet for their future.

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The Midnight Gang

Sick of stripping the bed in the middle of the night when there is an accident? Now you don’t have to with our 100% waterproof sheet protectors called Bed Mates.

Our Bed Mates go on top of the fitted sheet so when there is an accident, you simply whip it off and all your sheets stay perfectly dry. No more searching for your spare sheets in the middle of the night allowing you and your kids to get back to sleep in minutes! They can also be used for tummy bugs, bed sharing families or anywhere a spill might happen. Our Bed Mates are reusable and are proudly PVC free. They also contain no lead, formaldehyde or phthalates and they save water as instead of needing to wash all your bedding (mattress protectors, sheets etc), you just need to wash the Bed Mate.

One of the unique features of our Bed Mates is they feature stunning illustrations created by Australian artists. This means that instead of looking like a bed wetting sheet, they appear to be a beautiful piece of bed linen. This makes them look beautiful for the style conscious parent, but it also means kids actually love having them on their beds! Win win!
We have a beautiful selection of prints to choose, from Forest Friends to Vintage Florals to even some incredible Aboriginal prints created by the talented Ryhia Dank from Nardurna, where a percentage of proceeds is donated to the Indigenous Literacy Foundation.

The print in the photo here is called ‘Spirit of the Sea’. The ocean has always been a place of solace for my family and it holds a big place in our hearts. We feel so connected to the ocean and everything that lies within. And so we feel so strongly about protecting it. So we decided to donate a percentage of proceeds from the sale of this Bed Mate to the Australian Marine Conservation Society. We are honoured to have partnered with them and feel that it is the very least we can do for our oceans. So by supporting us, in turn you are supporting AMCS and therefore, our oceans.

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The AMCS Shop

All proceeds go directly to our critical work to protect Australia’s precious ocean wildlife. We stock a variety of products from t-shirts to books to reusable items to inspire ocean lovers.

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