Election Scorecard:
Reef and Oceans

Do you know where the main parties stand on tackling the climate emergency and protecting Australia’s ocean wildlife?

This is the climate election and the future of our Great Barrier Reef and all of our ocean wildlife is on the line. Our independent scorecard helps you find out where the main parties stand on the big issues affecting our oceans this election.


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Our oceans are in the front line of the climate emergency, and have never been more at threat. Please share this scorecard.


How have we assessed the policies of the main parties?

AMCS has written to the main parties to let them know what’s needed to protect our reefs and oceans in the next term of government – including action to rapidly transition to renewables, clean up our Reef’s waters and tackle ocean plastic pollution.

We have independently assessed each party’s position and commitments based on their responses, published policies, statements and election announcements.

Get the detailed breakdown of how their policies stacked up

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The Australian Marine Conservation Society is a science based, non-partisan conservation organisation whose purpose is to advance the natural environment. We do not promote or oppose political parties or direct people how to vote. We offer independent assessment and analysis of the parties’ policies, and campaign news on the latest developments in the issues affecting our oceans.

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