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'Wildlife in the Balance' by Simon Mustoe

January 12, 2023

Blueback Tim Winton

This is the story of why animals are humanity’s best hope.

Take a journey through some of the planet’s most spectacular wildlife events and learn how the world works, the origin of life and our place in nature. This is the story of why animals are humanity’s best hope. It’s also about your role in creating a more habitable planet for humanity, one that’s rich with a diversity of colourful and abundant wildlife.

Author Simon Mustoe has worked all over the world as an ecologist, expeditioner and conservationist. He’s tumbled in boats amid frigid North Atlantic storms, trekked solo into Madagascar’s remote dry forests, discovered unknown species of seabird in Australia’s tropical ocean territories and recorded previously unseen whales in West Papua. His thirty years as a researcher, communicator, expert witness and consultant for industry, governments and conservation groups has offered many oblique views of our interaction with nature and candid examples of our failure to protect it and ourselves.

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