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Blockchain technology secures Australian seafood sustainability to chefs and consumers in China

June 10, 2020

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) and tech firm Two Hands are collaborating to support global food safety, seafood mislabelling and seafood sustainability.

Using blockchain technology and smart tagging, the partnership will add independently researched sustainability recommendations to data already provided to users of the Two Hands platform proving the origin of Australian seafood.

It means chefs and consumers in China will be able to use AMCS’ GoodFish Sustainable Seafood Guide to help them buy directly from sustainable Australian fishers.

Two Hands founder, Greg McLardie, said research had found that an incredible 30% of seafood globally is mislabelled.

“Consistent feedback from chefs in Shanghai suggest this situation is significantly worse in China and, post Covid-19, it has made them think much more seriously about sustainability and food fraud. Tragically, some of this mislabelling disguises the consumption of endangered species,” Mr McLardie said.

AMCS GoodFish program manager Sascha Rust said: “AMCS GoodFish recommendations help Australian chefs and restaurants make better choices when sourcing and supplying seafood. Integrating this work within the Two Hands platform supports Australian seafood lovers to make informed choices wherever they are in the world.

“When seafood passes through many hands it opens the potential for food fraud. This means that positive changes by fishers, or conscious decisions by consumers, can be wasted due to potential malpractice across the supply chain.”

The Two Hands team is one of the first globally to monetise breakthrough blockchain technology to solve critical real-world issues of sustainability and food fraud.

A key to being a world first is a “Next Generation” business model where Two Hands restores trust and closeness to fishers, farmers and consumers through ethical food supply chains.

All products sold in the Two Hands digital marketplace have a unique, customised smart tag. When chefs and consumers in China scan the smart tags with their phones, they see videos of the producers, the region, the chef and a blockchain dashboard authenticating the provenance and specific species sustainability information.

For over 15 years AMCS has been the leading independent voice on seafood sustainability in Australia, and will provide all sustainability content on the Two Hands app.

Mr McLardie said: “It truly contributes to the Two Hands mission that AMCS has agreed to guide us in supporting a sustainable and transparent Australian seafood industry.

“One of the really noteworthy impacts of Covid-19 is it has made the world think more seriously about sustainability, food safety and food security.

“We can think of no better way to deliver a solution for this noteworthy impact than to partner with AMCS as an independent charity, staffed by a committed group of professional and passionate scientists, educators and advocates who have defended Australia’s oceans for more than 50 years.”

Mr Rust added: “We’ve been helping seafood businesses to reduce their impact on our oceans for many years, and we are always pleased to support ocean-friendly industries.

“Blockchain technology has proven itself a valuable technology in solving one of the wicked problems of sustainability in food. For AMCS this relationship ensures we can continue to support Australian fishers and chefs who are doing the hard work for the long term benefit of our oceans with more certainty than ever before.”


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