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“Dear Prime Minister…”: Billboard messages from ocean lovers to hit Canberra on first day of Parliament

July 2, 2019

MPs and Senators arriving in Canberra for the first day of the 46th Parliament will be greeted with dozens of personal heartfelt messages from ocean lovers pleading for action on climate change, marine wildlife conservation and the future of the Great Barrier Reef.

The Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) has hired a truck-sized mobile electronic billboard that will be seen around Parliament House on 2 July, displaying powerful messages from Australians aged eight to 80. The messages have been placed over stunning images of our marine wildlife.

Darren Kindleysides, AMCS chief executive officer, said: “We asked our supporters what they wanted to say to our Prime Minister as the new parliament sits, and we have been inundated with responses. We’ve had thousands of messages and they’re still coming in.

“Reading through the messages, you get a real sense that people know we’re custodians of a precious place and they want our politicians and our Prime Minister to step up to the climate crisis. It’s very simple, as 14-year-old Maddie says to the Prime Minister, ‘Our oceans need your help.’”

Shani Tager, AMCS Great Barrier Reef campaign manager, said: “People want the government to look after our precious oceans.

“They want the Prime Minister to know how treasured our Great Barrier Reef is to all of us, and how he needs to do everything he can to preserve it. They also know that a big part of that, is leaving fossil fuels in the ground and instead creating a renewable energy future.

“As our politicians return to Canberra we hope this billboard is a clear reminder that Australians expect them to act urgently to protect our Reef, climate and oceans. ”

AMCS will take all the messages from its supporters in to meetings with politicians over the course of the 46th Parliament.

The messages have been placed over stunning images of our marine wildlife and will appear on the mobile digital billboard between 6.30AM and 12.30PM on 2 July, the first day of Parliament. Here is a selection:

  • “Take action on the climate crisis, for our children’s future” – Zoe, 8yrs
  • “It’s an emergency, we can’t fix it for free.” – Giuseppe, 60yrs
  • “Will you be the hero for our beautiful planet?” – Lisa, 53yrs
  • “The reef is the living beating heart of our great ocean… let’s not break it!” – Nikki, 60yrs
  • “The clock is ticking Mr Morrison. Exactly what will be your legacy for our children?” – David, 56yrs
  • “The Great Barrier Reef creates more jobs than coal mines.” – Jane, 65yrs
  • “Our oceans need your help!” – Maddie, 14yrs
  • “What could possibly be more important than our planet?” – Hamish, 9yrs
  • “Will your grandchildren be ashamed or proud of your decisions for their future?” – Gabie & Dale, 60yrs
  • “I want my son to enjoy nature not a gaping hole in the ground.” – John, 39yrs


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