Media Release Plastic Pollution

AMCS welcomes Brisbane City Council’s ban on straws, balloons and bottles

May 17, 2018

The Brisbane City Council’s move to ban single-use plastic straws and water bottles and phase out helium balloons from their events is welcome news for marine life says the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS).

“AMCS welcomes the move by the Brisbane City Council to ban these single-use plastics at over 50,000 of their associated events annually. This is a huge step towards reducing marine plastic pollution its impacts on our unique marine life in Moreton Bay,” said James Cordwell, AMCS Marine Campaigner.

“Plastic pollution has a long and wicked legacy in our oceans, breaking down into smaller and smaller unidentifiable pieces and lasting forever. This pollution flows into places like South-east Queensland’s iconic Moreton Bay. Once it enters the ocean our marine animals are entangled, suffocated and starved by it,”.

“The banning of these straws, balloons, and plastic water bottles, along with the forthcoming implementation of Queensland’s Plastic Bag Ban and Container Deposit Scheme, are very encouraging steps for QLD. These are crucial moves to put an end to an era of these highly damaging items from impacting on our marine environment.”

“With this announcement, and as stewards of an incredible marine natural heritage, Queenslanders are again proving we can be a national leader in turning the tide against harmful plastic pollution.”

Media comment: Jimmy Cordwell, AMCS Marine Campaigner 0447 721 882