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Let’s turn down the heat on our Great Barrier Reef

Our treasured Great Barrier Reef is suffering its fourth mass bleaching event in just six years. The underwater heatwaves that cause this result from the burning of fossil fuels – coal, oil and gas. 

For coral reefs to survive we must limit global warming to 1.5°C, but we’re already at 1.1°C. Every fraction of a degree counts. We need action now.

Demand that the Morrison government protects the Reef by lifting Australia’s climate ambition: 
  1. 100% renewables by 2030,
  2. Commit to an emissions reduction target of 75% by 2030,
  3. Commit to Net Zero by 2035,
  4. Commit to immediately ending the public funding and subsidies of coal, oil and gas,
  5. Commit to no further approval of fossil fuel infrastructure; and no new thermal coal, oil or gas projects.
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Image credit: Bleached coral at Stanley Reef, Great Barrier Reef. Photo credit: AMCS, Climate Council, Grumpy Turtle. Photographer: Harriet Spark. Taken on March 23, 2022.