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Marine Values Report on CQC mine

by AMCS August 2, 2022

Our Marine Values report summarises the potentially devastating impact of Clive Palmer’s proposed Central Queensland Coal (CQC) mine on the Great Barrier Reef.

This massive coal project is proposed only 10 km upstream from Broad Sound, within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. 


Key Findings:

  • Independent modelling by UCLouvain shows mine pollutants and fine sediments from the CQC mine could travel to nearby turtle and dugong strongholds and settle on seagrasses
  • Sediment can stop the seagrasses getting access to sunlight and smother them – a critical food source for threatened animals like dugongs
  • Broad Sound forms Queensland’s largest declared fish habitat area and contains critical feeding and breeding grounds for threatened marine life and important nurseries for fish
  • Global heating remains the greatest threat to the survival of a healthy Great Barrier Reef, the last thing our Reef needs is another coal mine. 
  • Rejecting the mine would demonstrate the government’s commitment to protecting the Great Barrier Reef to the World Heritage Committee who will be considering a possible ‘In Danger’ listing for the Reef at their next meeting. 


Help us stop this destructive project by asking Minister Plibersek to reject this risky mine.


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