Report Card on Reef Protection

Our Great Barrier Reef Report Card lists the top threats to the Reef and scores government progress and actions to address these threats.


Updated Dec 2023 Reef Report Card V2

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Climate change, water pollution, tree clearing in Reef catchments, unsustainable fishing and plastic pollution are key threats to the Reef. They threaten the 9000 species of marine life and 64,000 jobs that depend on our Reef.

To create the report card we looked at the latest science and consulted with experts in Reef management and protection to evaluate the government’s commitments and progress in these areas.

The Reef Report Card clearly shows where action is being taken and where threats still require urgent attention.


How can you add pressure on our government to take action?


We will present the petition to the government early next year to show the overwhelming desire to protect our iconic places for future generations.

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What happens next?

  • By February 1 the Australian government must update UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee on their progress to protect the Reef.
  • We have an opportunity to ask for more action for our Reef before Australia submits that update.