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Queensland government must slash carbon pollution

Global warming is the single greatest threat to our beloved Great Barrier Reef. Addressing the impacts requires urgent action by the Queensland and Australian governments. 

As proud custodians of our global treasure, we call on the Queensland government to commit to slashing carbon pollution by at least half this decade, as a first step to help hold warming to 1.5 degrees – a critical threshold for the survival of coral reefs. 

Queensland is one of the largest emitters of carbon emissions per capita in the world yet still has one of the lowest emissions reductions targets in the country. 

Queensland must drastically slash carbon emissions this decade to help protect the Reef from damaging marine heatwaves and coral bleaching. We must rapidly move away from polluting fossil fuels, power the state with renewable energy, and stop land clearing in Reef catchments.

These actions will not only create more jobs and lead to cheaper energy bills, but will help prevent the worst climate impacts and give the Reef the best chance of survival.

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