Targeted Email Fight For Our Reef

Email QLD MPs: Rebuild with clean jobs for our Reef

Right now, governments across Australia are starting to figure out how we rebuild our economy from the impacts of COVID-19. 

We have a chance to make it a better one, with a safer future for our Great Barrier Reef. 

Together, let’s make sure we rebuild in a way that gives our Reef its best chance at a healthy future while creating jobs and opportunities where they’re needed. 

Email your local Queensland MP today and ask them to support a positive vision for rebuilding Queensland.
Ask them to:
  1. Turbocharge renewable energy projects, supporting clean energy and storage from households up. 
  2. Fund work in the Reef catchment on the farms, wetlands and creeks that flow into our Reef waters – improving the water quality. 
  3. Support our vital tourism workers and industry through these tough times so they’re still there for us on the other side.  

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