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No special treatment: Don’t give QLD money to Adani!

Right now Adani Group are lobbying hard for a special deal to pay less royalties to Queenslanders.

Experts say this deal could save $900 million for Adani while the billionaire mining giant gives nothing in return for a decade. This is blatant financial assistance to prop up Adani’s reckless, unaffordable coal project despite their claims it doesn’t “require a cent of Australian taxpayer dollars”.

If we can prevent this special treatment, Adani will find it hard to continue with their Reef-wrecking coal mine.

We can’t let this deal be made behind closed doors. Adani and the Queensland Government are set to sign off on the royalties deal on 30th November 2019.

Can you email QLD government leaders and Adani Australia today – telling them you oppose a special royalties deal?

Image credit: Greenpeace