Targeted Email Fight For Our Reef

Tell your candidates: Stop Adani & Support Renewables!

This is one of the most pivotal elections of our times. The choices candidates make today will define the future of our fragile Great Barrier Reef, whose future is in jeopardy from climate change.

If our Great Barrier Reef is to have a chance at a future, we need a government who will take leadership in this climate crisis. Our leaders must stop the Adani coal mine. To give the Reef the best chance for the future, we must say no to new thermal coal and rapidly switch to renewable energy.

The Reef is one of the most incredible places on Earth, home to fish, corals, turtles, dugongs, sharks, whales and dolphins.

There is hope.

If we make this the Reef and climate election, we can Stop Adani and help turn the tide for the Reef.

Send an email to your local candidates now and demand they Fight For Our Reef!

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