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Tell Minister Plibersek you support her proposal to reject the Clive Palmer-owned Central Queensland Coal mine

by AMCS August 11, 2022

In a significant moment for our Reef, Federal Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek recently proposed to reject the Clive Palmer-owned CQC mine, because of the risk it poses to the Great Barrier Reef.

Now the Minister is asking for our opinion on this decision and we have until 18th August to provide feedback.


How to make public comment:

Step one: Go to the public portal to fill out your personal details.

Step two: Add your personal comments about why the mine should be rejected. You can use our key points below, or add your own.

Step Three: Upload our Marine Values Report for supporting evidence.

Step Four: Press Submit.


Key points Copy and paste into the comment area, or add your own.

I strongly support your proposal to refuse approval of Clive Palmer’s proposed Central Queensland Coal mine (CQC) due to its impacts on the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.

* The CQC project, proposed 10km from the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area, poses many environmental and climate risks for the Reef, precious marine habitats and threatened marine life of Broad Sound.

* Independent modelling has shown that sediments from the mine could reach and smother seagrass meadows in Clairview dugong sanctuary, and turtle nesting beaches at Avoid Island. The CQC project would release pollutants into rivers and creeks that feed into the Reef World Heritage Area and an important fish breeding site.

* Expert scientists appointed by the Federal government warned in early 2021 that they couldn’t envisage any mitigation measures that could safeguard the nearby environment and the Reef. The Queensland government EIS assessment, released April 2021, said the mine was not suitable to proceed on environmental grounds.

* The CQC project would also contribute to climate change, our Reef’s greatest threat, mining up to 10 million tonnes of coal per year. Following the latest mass bleaching event in March, the last thing our Reef needs is another coal mine contributing to the fossil fuel emissions that drive marine heatwaves and damaging coral bleaching events.


Other important points you may wish to make:

* The clearing of habitat for the coal project would push endangered wildlife, including koalas and greater gliders, closer to extinction by destroying critical habitat on the Reef coast.

* Mining could mobilise contaminants in waste rock and coal that would leech into the Reef for decades to come.

* Flood modelling showed that CQC would not be able to mitigate the risk of polluted waste water and sediments from the mine flowing off the mine site and out to the Reef.

This is the first time ever that an Australian Government has proposed to reject a new coal mine after a federal assessment. Now it’s time to ensure we let the Minister know we support her proposal.



Thank you! Together we will keep our oceans healthy for a healthy future.