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Share a Bite for Our Reef this election

September 28, 2020

Marine conservationists are spreading the word about helping our Great Barrier Reef this election with a new Covid-safe campaign tool.

The Share A Bite For Our Reef idea encourages families and friends to kickstart a conversation about the issues facing our Reef over dinner, and helps hosts connect the dots between climate change, water quality issues, our Reef and the upcoming Queensland election for their guests.

The dinner party package has been put together by the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) as a safe way for their supporters to campaign for the Reef during the build up to 31 October.

“We know Queenslanders love and have immense pride for our Reef and they can use their voting power to ensure they elect politicians who back vital Reef safe policies like cleaning up Reef waterways and investing in clean energy to help tackle climate change and create jobs for our communities,” said Cairns Reef campaigner Elise Springett.

“The gatherings can be a fun and relaxing way to raise and discuss policy pledges by different candidates and parties that could have a profound impact on our Reef.

“We’ve designed resources for the dinner parties including a quiz, videos, invitations, flyers and information packs to help our hosts. We also encourage our hosts to share their personal stories of the Reef so guests can understand and relate to why they care.

“We want guests to be inspired to take action after the dinner party, including contacting their local candidates to help influence their policy positions to ensure the best outcomes for our Reef.”

Queenslanders interested in hosting a Share a Bite for Our Reef dinner should sign up to receive all the resources and support they need at